Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my studio

Ahhhhh. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel like I do when I walk in the door. My own space to work, dream, make a mess. It has a story...we moved this building into our backyard in town. It was an empty shell and my sweet husband worked for months to make it just like I wanted. Then, when we moved to the country and I couldn't bear to leave it behind, my very sweet husband moved it for me. Now, it sits in the meadow behind our house where my very, very sweet husband is helping me make a rose garden in front of it. I will post pictures of the outside when we're finished.


Roxanne said...

Mary! So good of you to drop by and visit my blog! I enjoyed yours very much. We must get together soon. I know we would have so much fun sharing and brain-storming. Maybe we should have a blog party with Amy and Molly....I need technical help! Happy painting! Roxanne

Miss T said...

Thank You for letting me peek a boo into you life. It very clear that God uses you to pour his light and love through and then in return you pour it on those of us to receive his vision. Thanks for your generosity. Miss T