Saturday, March 20, 2010

new piano keys

I thought it would be nice to try some other subjects on piano keys besides butterflies. These three are a result of that idea. I will definitely be trying other things in the future. The bird at the top was from a photo I took of a bird perched on an iron hanging basket on my front porch. It was back-lit in the photo and I liked how the silhouette looked so painted it that way. These will be available at The William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe.
I guess it's obvious that I'm ready for Spring........Spring-y subject matter lately. Today is supposedly the first day of Spring, but it couldn't feel less like it - freezing, windy and dark. Surely, not for long.........

1 comment:

Flower said...

Very nice...there is something about spring that gets in our minds and has to come out! You are an artist who listens! I just looked at your web site with all the variety of subjects and wonderful use of colors! Inspiration is in your touch!