Friday, March 6, 2009


I didn't think I would post these paintings - I am still at the beginning of this art journey. I am so happy to be on the path with Roxanne who is at the same place in life regarding art. We've both been busy at our art "jobs," but have been yearning to explore our talents in fine art, namely oil painting. It is encouraging and motivating to have someone to share thoughts and ideas with. is what I've done so far. My only goal/hope right now is to get in a lot of painting time and discover my style and what God wants me to express. I've never been happier and had forgotten how important, no, necessary, this is to me.
This little landscape is the pasture before we built our house in it. I'm taking an art class from Paul Friske (thanks to my other art friend, Marianne) and you can see his influence (if you look very closely!). His work is incredible.

This is a good example of how I naturally paint, but don't want to - too stiff.

This was fun! I'm trying to imitate the style of one of my favorite painters, Carol Marine - deliberate brushstrokes. It is a stretch for me because I tend to blend, blend, blend. She does a small painting a day, and if I'm able, I will, too, and post them as they come along.
Do you think that maybe I like the color orange?


Poefam said...

Mrs. Mary...they are beautiful! The one that you said is too stiff is my favorite! I love the colors! You are so very talented!

bunnytrails said...

Wow, Mare, They look great. My favorite one is the second one. I like your "stiff style". Oh well, to each his own!! Anything you do is grrrrrreeeeaaaaat!