Saturday, March 21, 2009

anna's birthday "card"

When you live far, far from town, you have (get) to be creative if you are not extremely organized. Which I'm not. But, thankfully, I'm usually glad when I've gotten myself in a mess and have to get myself out creatively. This was the situation on my daughter's birthday (back in November). She loves to bake and play the piano - thus the cupcake and musical butterflies. Her room in her apartment is brown and blue and she loves pink. I covered the back of the painting with the same paper the butterflies are made of and made a pocket where we placed our sentiments and some money (which she requested for clothes). Whew...I think she liked it!


molly said...

well i love it!! and for such a sweet girl- you are one creative mom!

Poefam said...

I LOVE it too...I have a feeling I"m going to be hiring you to paint something sweet for a baby girl I hope to have one day!!!! Fingers crossed! :)

Flower said...

Anna is one lucky girl! I hope the card is framed!
If I could I'd send you a rock covered with moss! We have so many and this year the lushness is unbelievable! Some of the rocks have ferns growing out of the moss. They don't live off of the rock.
It is good to be back!