Tuesday, September 16, 2008

barn swallows

This spring, a couple of barn swallows built a nest on our back porch. They were obviously newlyweds - it took them a month to complete their nest. We watched as, daily, their efforts fell to the ground.
They never gave up and finally made a lovely home. Isn't she a good decorator? I love how she finished it up with this pretty feather. Maybe he brought it to her as a gift and she knew just where to put it.

Soon, there were three little, hungry babies.

Then, there were three BIG, hungry babies. They sat like this for about a week before flying off.

Every night for weeks they all came back and slept like this. One big, happy family.

Yes, they made a mess on our porch, but I don't mind.


bunnytrails said...

Those pictures are unbelievable!!! You need to send them to a magazine. I love the little feather, too!

Emily said...

What amazing pictures! I thought that they were paintings at first..they're beautiful!

Flower said...

Seeing these little creatures create a home, raise a family and nest is so amazing! Their nest is very creatively decorated, too!!
The nest looks roomier than most.