Wednesday, May 21, 2008

through the drinking glass...

I was paying bills (yuck) and stopped for a drink of water. As I drank the last drop, I noticed how pretty my Mother's Day flowers looked through the bottom of the glass. Naturally, I ran for my camera and took a bunch of pictures. I'm easily sidetracked. There are just so many more fun things to do than pay bills! Right?

Like take pictures of flowers through a glass.

In all different kinds of light.

From all different angles.

And outside.

Then, I had to post a new blog since it's been a few days. Right? Right!

Well, being without electricity and water WON'T be fun so I'm going back to bill-paying. Right now. Right this very minute.

But, I wonder what else would look pretty through the bottom of a glass...


molly said...

How cool Mary - I never looked at flowers through a glass I will try that - Maybe life itself would be prettier that way!

Jo Carol said...

Beautiful, my friend!! You are a great photographer and writer, too!!