Friday, May 23, 2008

spring fling

Last Saturday, I had a Spring Fling at It's About Time. Pam, Susan and Terri were so nice to let me show some of my art and jewelry and I had such a good time spending the day with them that I think I'll just move in! I love their beautiful shop - and them!

Here are some pictures:

Handmade terra cotta tiles with Majolica glaze

oil-painted butterflies on antique ivory piano keys

photos and note cards

little pieces of art

Pam, Terri and me - Susan wasn't here for the picture

my two sweet helpers - my daughters, Anna and Elizabeth.
I couldn't have done it without their support, encouragement and errand-running

and last, but never least - my good friend JoCarol without whom I could do nothing!


Jo Carol said...

Oh my!!! What a great blog and you even saved the best for last!!! Seriously, You did a great job and i hear you are still selling stuff!! Way to go, Mario!!!

mamalindak said...

Hey Maria! I am sad I missed your fling. However, glad I was on South Padre with my family! Whee! it was incredibly awesome. I watched the moon rise over the ocean Sat. night and the sun rise Sun. morning, from the same vantage point. Had my quiet time reading Psalms aloud to the waves. Still, wish you could have been with me! See you tomorrow, no doubt.