Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was browsing through photos and came across some snowy pictures from last year. I believe we had four or five big snows and I took lots of pictures, downloaded them, but never really looked at them. This particular freeze frosted the trees, but not the ground and I love the way the golden brown grass and the frosty, silver trees look together. It hardly looks real, but this photo is not edited at all.
Nature is gift upon gift...the loveliest scenes, or even the most ordinary, are constantly changing with the weather and the light. More evidence of a loving God who delights in delighting us!


Flower said...

What a lovely picture, Mary! I agree with your sentiments! The colors are soft and lovely!
Our rainy weather is getting to be a bit much. We are fortunate to live on land that does not flood but it's not far off where there is great damage happening.
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alex said...

is this a painting?? i thought it is real.. how lovely it is..

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