Thursday, July 15, 2010

my "new" house

After an outdoor painting session, Roxanne and I headed into my house for something to drink and I mentioned to her my dissatisfation with my furniture arrangement. I have one of those large, open spaces that I just couldn't get to "feel" right. Well...that's all it took for Roxanne's creative juices to start percolating. The more she looked and talked, the more excited we both got. She came out the next day and spent the entire day gathering and rearranging my things. We didn't buy a thing, just used what I had plus a couple of branches that we went down the road and cut. It was so much fun! Being with Roxanne when she is in creative mode, which is all the time, is like being at Six Flags. It's a thrill. And, I love how my house feels now. I'm enjoying all the things I've collected over the years in a whole new way. Thank you, Roxanne! There is more to show you and I'll post more pictures soon.


Flower said...

What a lovely "work of creativity" the two of you put together! I love how your house glows!
Anna's wedding pictures are beautiful! I've enjoyed scrolling through them..each one shows the love you put into the details!
We have just finished the wedding here. I need a couple of days to lay low...I'll post a few pictures later this week.
It is good to see a little of what you've been doing!

Roxanne said...

Mary how fun to see you beautiful house in pics! You know I had a blast and thank you for letting me play!

Cody Dog said...

Mary, I LOVE your house! I don't even know if you remember I got to come out there one time for a church get together. Anyway, I loved the decor then, and now from the pictures!! Something I aspire to!

I actually had a decorator friend of mine do the same thing to my two major rooms. It's amazing how others can see your 'stuff' in a whole different way!

Loved Anna's wedding and engagement pictures!! Your daughters are such beautiful women! And I'm old enough to tear up about remembering a time when Anna was (younger than my children, *blink, blink*) and one sunday was telling her joke over and over in the sweetest little voice. With this little smile (that's the same) she'd say, Where do sheep get their hair cut?...At the baa baa shop.

Which of course means I need to go hug my Anna because tomorrow I'll be mailing her wedding invitations, right?!

mary said...

Adrienne! It's so good to hear from you! How do I write back??? Yes, your Anna will be all grown up and married before you know it. But, that part is fun, too. And, of course I remember you being here...I have the sweetest pictures of your mom holding baby Anna in a pink blanket.

alex said...

love the place.. nice decoration..

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