Thursday, October 15, 2009

foggy morning

The mornings lately have been like this. I love how the weather changes the landscape and hope to paint some of these foggy scenes soon.

This (above) is my favorite.

My studio with its new yellow door.

Cookie and Kitten.

Minnie Mae is always so accommodating - posing just right. Oops...I forgot about my empty pots. Add to tomorrow's list.

By the time I had walked all over the property with my camera, I was as dewy as this rose.


Roxanne said...

Hi, Mary! I really enjoyed your foggy post. All the pictures are pretty. You are blessed to live in such an lovely place. Cookie and kitten are so cool.....can you bring them over sometime. Can't wait to see you're next painting. I hope it will be a foggy one! Miss you!

Flower said...

Pretty, pretty! Your roses are so lush and perfect! There is a painting in them! Fog doesn't escape any place, does it? Each picture shows the comfort of your home!