Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my cows

My husband called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that our cow-man friend, Garland, knew of some cows for sale just like I've always wanted; Oreo cows. They were at a sale barn about an hour from here and would be auctioned off the next day, possibly headed for the meat packing plant! I wish I could have bought them all, but could only bring these two home, a mother and baby which I have named Cookie and Kitten. Aren't they pretty? As with all our animals, they are now spoiled rotten. I can hardly step out the door without them right by my side mooing for cow cubes. They sleep just outside the front yard fence like great big dogs. They are supposed to help with the mowing though I can't see much progress.

But aren't they pretty?


Roxanne said...

Mary,I always loved Dutch Belted Cattle. I'm so thrilled you have a mother and baby. How precious! Hope to see them soon. Congratulations and ...what a sweet husband!

Big hug!

headless chicken said...

I am in love! But does David clean up after them?

cindy said...

They are, they are! My hubby and I saw Belted Galloways (Oreo Cows) in Maine and just fell in love with em. Glad these two have come to such a wonderful home! :D

yapping cat